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Women Who Mean Business in HR

  • Tuesday, November 08, 2016
  • 7:15 AM - 9:00 AM (PST)
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Women Who Mean Business in HR

Raising the reputation and intellectual capital of an organization is one of HR’s most strategic contributions.  Just as IT runs the systems and finance minds the capital HR finds, nurtures the  stars and advances a productive work environment.  HR ensures that other business leaders clearly understand what HR is responsible and accountable for, and challenges a company to change where and when needed. 

Our panel of HR executives are  leaders who advocate, challenge and deeply influence their companies.  They have honed their business skills for this scenario:  “A stranger walks into a conference room where three people are meeting – a CFO, CHRO and CEO – and could not tellwho is who.”  We will learn the business lessons they have learned from these HR leaders on our panel.  Here are just some of the questions they will answer:

  • What is your philosophy about how to operate an HR function that has maximum impact on business?
  • What is the unique business expertise you demonstrate to yield your HR and business results?
  • Where have you had the most fun challenging an organization to change?
  • Of all the other executives you have worked with, what is your favorite executive alignment story, that is, with whom and how did you achieve executive support?
  • What process do you go through to integrate HR and business strategy?

This will be the forum to ask the questions you always wanted to ask, get answers to propel your career forward and engage in robust exchange of information and ideas.

Moderator: Judy Enns, PhD, Eastridge Group


  • Celeste Blodgett: VP of HR: ESET
  • Lisa Hellman Rhodes: VP of HR: Cytori
  • Jamie Latiano: VP of HR: Renovate America 
  • Tania Fierro, VP of HR: Innovative Employee Solutions
* This event qualifies for Business Credits. Business Credits are earned by SPHR® and SPHRiTM certification holders who complete programs or activities that enhance their knowledge of their organization’s operations and its industry.
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